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Oct 18 2010

You Know You’re a Teacher When…

In honor of David Letterman’s Top Ten:

10. You find pen’s, markers, bandaids, pencil sharpeners, confiscated toys/silly bandz, etc. in the pocket of your jeans.

9. You’re the first one at happy hour after school and the coffee shop in the morning.

8. You introduce yourself as Ms./Mr. S0-and-So.

7. You give your friends (or random strangers you met at the bar or significant others) “choices” for dining places, behavior plans, etc.  E.g.: Well you have two choices.  Choice 1 is to go to the movie I want to see and you get popcorn and a happy date.  Choice 2 is go to that horror flick and you get me keeping you awake all night long.  Use your best judgement.

6. You can turn on the teacher stare in the middle of the Target when that obnoxious child won’t shut up.

5. You look around the coffee shop and realize the only other people working on a Sunday evening are the college students.

4. You have a stack of papers a mile high to “grade” and they accidentally walk themselves into the recycling bin occasionally.

3. When you pick your wardrobe in the morning, you ask yourself will this be ruined WHEN it gets stained (there is no if).  Along the same note, if it says “dry clean only” put it back.

2. You have 4 rotating countdown calendars in your life.  Countdown to Thanksgiving.  Countdown to Christmas.  Countdown to Spring Break.  Countdown to Summer Vacation.

1. You find yourself noticing things your kids “would like” or “could use” everywhere.  The bookstore, Target, Office Max, Giant, the street vendors, etc.

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